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Ole London Hotel Macau Review

The Ole London Hotel Macau is a better choice than costly AirBnB’s in the peninsula if you want to return home to an even better room experience at the end of the day.

Perhaps because of demand or the time of our booking (it was summer in East Asia after all), AirBnB accommodations in Macau were so expensive during our Macau sojourn. It was why my mother and I opted for Ole London Hotel Macau, which was great fit what we were looking for in terms of ambiance and price range. If you’re spending nearly $60 for an AirBnB transient room, better spend it on a quality hotel accommodation. I couldn’t imagine shelling out the same amount for a bed at a condo.

Ole London Hotel Macau easily became our choice, and we stayed there for two nights. We were billed P7,000 in our local currency (HKD $1325.91 or US $168.93) for our two-night stay.  

Ambiance, room quality and service

Our room was a simple room with twin beds. It has all the basic amenities that’s typical of a decent hotel: air conditioning, a nice big window for natural light, clean bathrooms, and comfy beds. Our room also had a tea-making facility and free refreshments. You can call reception to replenish your supplies or have your bed made every day. There is an option to include breakfast before completing your booking, which we didn’t opt for.

As with other hotels, Ole London Hotel requires a security deposit which will be returned to you upon checkout. Check-in went smoothly, despite the language barrier. The hotel had leaflets and helpful brochures at the reception for guests.  

Woman in front of twin beds
Our room had a nice, large window that let in a good amount of sunlight.

Ole London Hotel Macau Room

Ole London Hotel location and proximity to Macau tourist spots

We made the regrettable, newbie mistake of not reading about how the local transportation works in Macau. Apparently, a bus station was just a few blocks away from Ole London Hotel. These buses there can take you to Senado Square and the surrounding casinos and leave every few minutes or so.

The ride cost less than a $1, but you could always take a walk to the tourist spots like we did if you want to break a sweat. It took us 20 to 30 minutes of walking from Ole London Hotel to Senado Square.

How to go to Ole London Hotel from Macau Airport

We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel for which we paid no more than the equivalent of $10 or $15 USD in Macau Pataca. The buses at the airport pass by several stops all throughout the Macau Peninsula and Cotai Strip, so you can take advantage of them as well. It’s free mostly, although some booking sites charge a small amount when you’d like to book a seat ahead. Booking site Rome2Rio, for example, charges customers $1 for every ride booking (non-promotional link).

Park with trees and sea port
Our view from the Ole London Hotel. There is a small park and port nearby.

Overall thoughts on Ole London Hotel

Ole London Hotel had its flaws, tolerable ones, as you would expect from any other hotel. You would notice some wear and tear on the furniture and common areas. That’s not an issue, however, but just an observation.

Ole London Hotel is spartan and is a good fit for travelers who would like comfortable accommodations at the end of the day. If you’re a backpacker who want to reduce your travel costs, then this hotel is not for you. If you don’t mind paying extra rather than pay the same amount for a dormitory bed, then Ole London Hotel is a better alternative.

Ole London Hotel Macau Address: No. 4-6, Praca de ponte e horta, Macau, Macau Centre, Macau, Macao, PRC

Ole London Hotel Macau Phone Number: +853 2893 7761

You can book Ole London Hotel Macau via Booking.com like we did. Ole London Hotel Macau also has an Agoda page in which you can book your room.

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