La Creperie Twin Lakes Tagaytay Restaurant

La Creperie Twin Lakes Tagaytay: French Fusion Food in the Highlands

The pandemic had been quite hard for all of us. Even though it was for the good of everyone, the restrictions were ridiculous to some extent. At one point, we weren’t allowed to visit our grandmother when she was hospitalized and she eventually passed away without seeing her grandchildren. It was really heartbreaking. I’m sure some of you can relate that the pandemic had been a very challenging time. 

Looking for a distraction when the restrictions eased up, my husband, brother and I decided to go for a long drive to Tagaytay. And long drive it was: the journey took about three to four hours from Bacoor to Twin Lakes, Tagaytay. It seemed that every family from Manila and Cavite descended on Tagaytay that day. It wasn’t easy to get a parking spot so, like other cars, we parked along the road, opposite the Twin Lakes shopping village. 

Upon crossing the road, we caught sight of the Taal volcano, which was spewing ashes and smoke at the time. The activity at the volcano had been going on and off for the past few years since 2020. It’s only a matter of time perhaps when it will finally erupt. Who really knows?

Taal Volcano Smog

Twin Lakes Shopping Village

The Twin Lakes Shopping Village was built and managed by Megaworld Lifestyle. I don’t remember seeing any lifestyle stores there, just a number of dining options. So we spent a few minutes looking around for a good place to eat; we initially wanted to dine at Buon Giorno but we had no idea that their Twin Lakes branch had shut down. We only found out when we asked one of the security guards after circling around the entire shopping village. 

I remember passing by Tap Station while we ambled towards the viewing point of Taal ridge, and it caught my attention. But the consensus was, no one was in the mood for beer; we were all hungry and tired from the long drive, and just wanted to grab a bite and go home.   

Dining at La Creperie Philippines (Tagaytay): What to Expect 

The entrance to La Creperie Twin Lakes Tagaytay was a bit inconspicuous; it was a narrow door with a menu board outside. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by an extensive wine display. Inside, there were a few tables at the main dining area. We were seated in a corner beside the sliding door that opens up to an outdoor patio. 

La Creperie Twin Lakes Tagaytay Cake Display

La Creperie Twin Lakes Tagaytay Outdoor Patio View

The restaurant was quite busy as it was the day after Christmas, and there were a number of families and groups of friends dining. We would have opted for outdoor seating since the guests there had a great view of the Taal ridge, but the tables were already occupied. The service was a bit slow, which was due to the fact that the restaurant was packed. The serving time for the food was around 15-30 mins.  

La Creperie Twin Lakes Tagaytay Indoors

My brother and I opted for the Beef Pot Roast (P595) which was within my comfort zone. I always order roast beef whenever trying out a new restaurant. La Creperie’s Beef Pot Roast was braised in red wine and served with mashed potatoes, and fresh mushrooms, carrots and French beans. The husband, meanwhile, ordered Coq Au Vin (P535), which was chicken stewed in red wine with mushrooms and bacon. It was served with rice and green salad. 

La Creperie Philippines Beef Pot Roast

La Creperie Philippines Beef Pot Roast Closeup

As far as I remember, we also ordered French Onion Soup (P325) and Salad Lyonnaise (P325); however, I forgot to take a picture. I guess I was that hungry. 

La Creperie Philippines Coq Au Vin

For sharing we ordered Spicy Sardine pasta (P355), which was spicy sardine in olive oil with black olives and anchovies. It was pretty good: cravings satisfied. Then, for dessert, we all shared the Salted Butter Caramel Crepe Cake (P255) which was a nice ending to our late brunch. 

La Creperie Philippines Spicy Sardine Pasta

La Creperie Philippines Salted Butter Caramel Crepe Cake

Overall, the food was all right. The beef roast was seasoned well, and the texture of the meat was tender. I guess, the way it tasted was just not my cup of tea. But I was so hungry that I didn’t really mind. I guess I needed to try more French cuisine for a more informed insight and to also have another point of reference. I guess I was expecting the food quality to be like Le Petit Souffle, which, in my opinion, was more memorable. It’s just a personal bias, but I’m willing to give La Creperie another try.      

We felt so stuffed after our meal that we walked around the shopping village a bit, and took obligatory photos. For posterity’s sake and all. Segue: we can still see the Taal volcano emitting volcanic smog from the village’s viewing deck.

Twin Lakes Tagaytay Christmas Tree

La Creperie Twin Lakes Tagaytay Shopping Village Taal View

View of Taal Lake Emitting Smog

La Creperie Menu Twin Lakes Tagaytay Menu & Contact Number

For the complete menu list, please view this link pointing to the La Creperie website.  

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Contact Number: 09063362694

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