Ngong Ping Village In a Day: What to Expect [PHOTOS & WALKING TOUR]

Ngong Ping 360 Entrance

Ngong Ping Village is a nice little theme park that was built to capitalize on the rising number of tourists drawn to Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. Situated in the highlands of Lantau Island, Ngong Ping Village is accessible via cable car ride from the Ngong Ping 360 basecamp in Tung Chung.

Cable Car En Route to Ngong Ping 360

Lantau Buddha from afar

Approaching ngong ping 360 entrance

Upon arrival at the Ngong Ping terminus, tourists are directed to the entrance. Ngong Ping Village has a good selection of restaurants, as well as international food franchises, such as Subway or Starbucks. There are a number of shops in the village that sell paintings and trinkets, as well as a theatre and a tea house. A youth hostel is also present in the vicinity for those who would like to stay and explore the natural wonders nearby.

Ngong Ping 360 Promenade Bridge 2258

Ngong Ping 360 Tourists at the Promenade 2257

Ngong Ping Village Painting and Wishing Board

Ngong Ping 360 Different Buddha Souvenir

Ngong Ping 360 Souvenir Shop

Ngong Ping Piazza

To be honest, I didn’t have an idea of where we’re at when we arrived at the Ngong Ping Piazza. All I knew was that people were heading in the direction where the Piazza was, and so we followed them. A little exhausted from all the walking, my mother paused at one of the benches at the Piazza as I took photographs of the view and statues.

Ngong Ping Piazza Entrance Gate

According to the information posted on the Discovery Hong Kong website, I have gotten only as far up to the beginning of the Bodhi Path. The archway at the entrance is called the New Pai Lau, which was built in the tradition of Qing Dynasty architecture. Meanwhile, the Bodhi Path is marked by the statues of the Twelve Divine Generals, which represent the guards or protectors of the Buddhist religion. Forty lotus-shaped lanterns also line both sides of the path.

Ngong Ping Piazza Main Plaza

Ngong Ping Piazza Entrance and Lantau Buddha Statue

Although I wasn’t able to explore every corner of the Piazza, I was happy with the areas that I had been to as I really didn’t have high expectations of my travels. I’m always grateful of seeing and discovering things, and consider everything good I encounter during my travels as a privilege. I hope I would get to explore the entire tourist site the next time I go to Hong Kong (and hopefully, there would be a next time).

Ngong Ping Piazza Entrance Archway Ngong Ping Piazza Sidewalks

How to go to Ngong Ping 360

The easiest way to go is via the MTR Tung Chung Station. The Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car terminal is literally at Tung Chung. At Tung Chung Station, just go to Exit B and take a walk to the terminal from there. The cable car ride takes about 25 minutes and leaves on the dot.

Since the opening hour of the Ngong Ping Village is at 10:00 AM, we made sure to be traveling by 9:00 AM from our apartment along Nathan Road.

Ngong Ping 360 Terminus at Tung Chung

Sports Stadium View 2190

Ngong Ping 360 Review

There’s quite a long queue at Ngong Ping 360, even if you’ve purchased your ticket in advance (we got ours via Asia Travel, which is now defunct, I believe). I barely remember how long we stood in line, but a safe bet is to allot some 30 minutes. Yes, if you’re wondering at all, the line is really that long. If you’re traveling alone or with another person, you may be sharing the cabin with strangers (which isn’t an issue really for us).

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride Hong Kong Airport 1

View of Hong Kong Macau Bridge

For the price, Ngong Ping 360 is definitely worth it. I don’t remember paying anything more than $25 back when we had our Hong Kong trip back in 2016. The Ngong Ping 360 ticket price varies depending on where you’re getting it. From my recent internet research (February 2019), the average price of the trip varies between P800.00 and P1,100.00.

Ngong Ping 360 Scenery

The Ngong Ping 360 crystal cabin is more expensive than the regular one. But even if I could possible afford it, I wouldn’t want to risk motion sickness or anxiety. I want to enjoy the ride, in short. I’m pretty sure I would be terrified the entire ride if the bottom of the cabin is see-through. 

Ngong Ping View Back

Hong Kong Condos

Can you do Ngong Ping and Disneyland in one day?

Ngong Ping 360 and Disneyland in one day is doable, but not recommended if you want to make most of all that tourist dough. One day isn’t going to give you enough room to really enjoy everything Ngong Ping 360 and Hong Kong Disneyland has to offer. You should allot at least a day each for both destinations.

More Things to See and Do at Ngong Ping 360 Walking with Buddha Theatre

As for my overall thoughts, I think Ngong Ping 360 is the highlight of my trip in Hong Kong with my mom. The fantastic view inside the cable car offered me a view of Hong Kong that is different from what I’ve seen, read or heard. I don’t mind spending another time there if I ever visit Hong Kong again.

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