How to go to Mahogany Market

How to Go to Mahogany Market (Address, Opening Times, and Directions)

Mahogany Market is a public market in Tagaytay. It houses a complex for wet and dry goods, produce, and a canteen that is famed for its cheap bulalo.

Address: Mahogany Ave, Tagaytay, Cavite

Opening Hours: There is no signage that points to what time the market opens. To be on the safe side, visit the market at around 5:00 am, the time when deliveries have probably arrived and vendors are finishing their set-up.

Closing Time: Bear in mind that Tagaytay isn’t quite similar to other towns or cities in Cavite where the nightlife is alive and kicking up to midnight. Most shops close early in Tagaytay so it is safe to assume that the market is only active up to 6:00 7:00 pm. In fact, surrounding areas have probably flipped their door signs, with public transportation getting scarcer by the minute.

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How to go to Mahogany Market

There are various routes that travellers can take to access Mahogany Market.

From Manila

The fastest way to get to Mahogany Market in Tagaytay is through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Take the Sta. Rosa exit, then drive straight ahead until you reach the road to Tagaytay City proper on your right.

Another way is through Aguinaldo Highway, although brace yourself for the heavy traffic. This is possible by taking the Manila-Coastal expressway. Whereas a typical drive from Manila to Tagaytay should take about an hour and a half a decade ago, don’t be surprised if the entire journey takes three hours nowadays.

To avoid traffic when going to the expressway, don’t pass by Roxas Boulevard/Baclaran. Instead, take the Diosdado Macapagal boulevard. Drive straight through the town of Talaba. Make a right at the second stoplight (Aguinaldo Highway).

All you have to do is wait and reach the end of it, i.e. Tagaytay Rotunda. Going to Mahogany Market from Tagaytay Rotunda should take about 30 minutes, with some moderate traffic along the way.

You know you’re close when you’ve passed by the commercial food area at the ridge, Josephine’s Restaurant, SMDC and Robinson’s Summit Ridge. You should also see Sky Ranch from a short distance. Watch out for the first road on your right side as that is Mahogany Avenue.

From Cavite

Travelers coming from Bacoor can escape the traffic by passing through the Open Canal Road in General Trias. From Aguinaldo Highway, turn right at the intersection before the District Mall. Drive through Open Canal Road until you reach the end. A barangay hall stands at the opposite side of this junction.

Make a left at Arnaldo Highway and drive straight ahead until you reach the end. Daang Governor or Governor’s Road is the end in question. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t confuse this with Gov. Ferrer Drive.

Make a right and drive straight ahead to the part of town called Manggahan. This is the Trece Martires market proper. Watch out for another junction, and find the sign that points to Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Avenue. Make a left at Crisanto Avenue and drive straight ahead until you reach Mahogany Avenue, which runs parallel to it.

Overall, this should be an hour’s drive or so, and will bring you through the town of Amadeo. Go on some sightseeing and visit the church of Mary Magdalene while you’re at it.    

Motorists coming from the coastal areas such as Cavite City, Rosario, Tanza (and surrounding towns of Naic or General Trias), the fastest way to get to Tagaytay is through the same route. The highway opposite Arnaldo highway (on the right side of Open Canal Road) is General Trias Drive, which runs all the way to the busy intersection of Tejero in General Trias. That side of General Trias is linked to the nearby towns of Tanza and Rosario.

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