Blue Forest on Wet Boots was established both as a place for me to document my travel experiences as well as a resource for fellow casual travelers. Now, I’m expanding this site to offer services catering to both travelers, publishers and entrepreneurs alike. For inquiries, feel free to send me a message through all our social media channels, or via email at Below are details about my new services:

Travel Itinerary Planning

Don’t have time to make your itinerary? I prepare travel itineraries for business and leisure travelers who would like to see the best food and places that the Philippines, East, and Southeast Asia have to offer. As your very own vacation trip planner, I’ll tailor your itinerary based on your own requirements so that you can fully maximize your time and budget.

The itinerary will highlight places and food stops for you to visit, with brief descriptions and alternatives. It comes complete with contact details and links to establishments’ websites where you need to book your accommodation, or arrange your travel. It’s all about you and your travel journey here at BFOWB. (Note: You will have to do your own bookings.)

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Food and Travel Writing

Looking for a food and travel writer? I’ve previously worked as a full-time and freelance business and lifestyle journalist focused on travel, beauty and art. I’ve written news, features and reviews falling under these genres, samples of which you can find on my website. You can also see some of my best write-ups on this blog here.

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Travel Photography & Image Post-Processing

I studied photography in school as a journalism major and have worked as a photojournalist straight after graduation for a local Japanese paper. I’ve also directed photography sessions for a magazine that I previously worked for and have taken portrait photographs there myself. My strength lies in documentary travel photography and telling stories through photo essays. I also do well in product photography. 

Have a travel or photography blog but don’t have time to process your photos? I am adept in using Adobe Suite and online photo-editing software tools to enhance photographs. Message me for my bulk editing rates for your personal/business website or blog.  

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Travel Website Design & Development

Transform your blog with creative travel website design and get the right kind of attention from your target audience. I provide and manage website design and development for bloggers and businesses. My very affordable website design and development services come with free web content writing, as well as other site customization features that will be discussed with you upon consultation.

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Starting a travel blog in an already saturated market may be a challenge for any blogger or freelance writer. If you would like to improve your blogging skills in general and make writing a career out of it, then perhaps I could help. I can help you stand out by teaching you ways on focusing on what matters when starting a new blog. As your travel blog coach, I will teach you techniques—content-wise and technical-wise—that will help you cut through the noise and capture traffic from real readers.  

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